MOBILE ARMORYMT-05 Hildolfr Requires MA Tech Level 3, *Possible Conventional Tech Requirement*

MAX-03 Adzam Requires MA Tech Level 4Limit: 160%Detection: AEndurance: 430Mobility: 12Movement: 4Supply: 380Consume: 90Number per Squad: 1*) Mega Beam Cannon: 150 Attack, 50 Hit, 2-3 Range*) Adzam Leader: 80 Attack, 99 Hit, 1-1 RangeSpecial Abilities: Can release minovsky particles

MA-04X Zakrello Requires MA Tech Level 5Limit: 180%Detection: CEndurance: 320Mobility: 32Movement: 9Supply: 280Consume: 40Number per Squad: 1*) Beam Cannon: 160 Attack, 60 Hit, 1-2 Range*) Missile: 45 Attack, 50 Hit, 1-2 Range*) Sickle Arm: 150 Attack, 80 Hit, 0-0 Range

MA-05 Bigro Requires MA Tech Level 6Limit: 200%Detection: BEndurance: 450Mobility: 42Movement: 10Supply: 320Consume: 50Number per Squad: 1*) Mega Beam Cannon: 210 Attack, 65 Hit, 1-3 Range*) Missile: 75 Attack, 50 Hit, 1-2 Range*) Claw: 160 Attack, 95 Hit, 0-0 RangeMAM-07 Grabro Requires MA Tech Level 7

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