Unlocking rare pilots Edit

Zeon Edit

  • 120 - Aina Sahalin - Initiate Apsalus plan (Available MA tech 9), say yes to the first prompt and no to the second event prompt a few turns after. You will get Aina and plans to Apsalus I and II with this selection. continuing the events will give you Apasalus III but you will lose the 08th MS team characters, Aina, Ginias, Norris Packard and I presume Yuri as well.
  • 130 - Marion Welsh (マ リオン・ウェルチ) - Initiate the EXAM plan (Available after you establish Flanagan institute and MS tech 6-7), at the first prompt, immediately say no and shoot the plan down. Rest assure that the funds you used on the plan is not wasted, after a few turns, Marion Welsh will join (a NT pilot!). Continuing the plot will kill her off as she is sacrificed to develop the EXAM system.

Unlockable FactionsEdit

  • Scirocco's Titans: Unlocked after victory using Jamitov's Titans.
  • Delaz Fleet: Unlocked after victory using the Earth Federation.
  • Kycilia Zabi's Legitamacy Zeon: Unlocked after victory using Gihren's Zeon.
  • Garma Zabi's New Zeon: Unlocked after victory using Gihren's Zeon.
  • Neo Zeon of Casval: Unlocked after victory using the Earth Federation.
  • Quattro's AEUG: Unlocked after victory using Blex's AEUG.
  • Glemmy's Axis: Unlocked after Victory using Haman's Axis
  • Char's Neo Zeon: Unlocked after completing both the Earth Federation and Gihren's Zeon Campaigns. 

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