Model Number Official Name Development Plan Development cost Special Conditions
MS-05 Zaku I Mobile Suit Development -- Zaku I Piloted by Gaia, Ortega, or Mash.
Conventional Technology MS Technology MA Technology Enemy Technology Pre-requisite
-- -- -- -- --

Development Time(in turns) -- Limit 150%
Production Time(in turns) -- Scanning Ability C
Funds 200 Armor 70
Funds(Per Machine) -- Armor(Per Machine) --
Resources 310 Mobility 23
Resources(Per Machine) -- Movement 6
Number Per Unit 1 Supplies (Per Machine) 80
Hangar Size N/A Consumption Rate (Per Machine) 10
Can Stack Yes Can Conquer Yes
Has Weapons Yes Has Shield No

Weapon Name Damage Accuracy Range
280mm Zaku Bazooka 36 60


Heat Hawk 50 70 0-0

Land Desert Mountain Forest Snow Underwater Sky Space
Attack O X O O
Move O X X O

Can Be Remodeled Into


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